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taking a break from these damned college assignments

AU where kuroko and the other dorks play baseball (´ ▽`)

sorry for the terrible uniform dahahah ε=ε=(っ*´□`)っ


First appearance: Kuroko Tetsuya

Miracles week day 1: Tip Off



Many thanks to marshmeloh for finding this! It’s fantastic!

Gryffindor’s house point hourglass is filled with rubies, 
Ravenclaw’s with sapphires 
Slytherin’s with emeralds

Now Queen J.K. has revealed what is in the Hufflepuff hourglass!




Shane Black Photography




Harry Potter characters as Disney characters by Makani.


Sirius looks a bit like Richard Armitage.


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I saw the Fancy god tier outfits and since there was no Mage, I designed one myself. You may recollour and change accordingly.

mage of time ascending please?

The first breath of air is like ten thousand daggers piercing your chest, and you almost immediately regret taking it. Your new lungs heave, expelling a dark, oily substance that looks not unlike boiled-down Coca-Cola, although you’re not sure why you know what Coca-Cola is or why it looks so horrendous when boiled. For that matter, you don’t know how you know a lot of things, but the more you concentrate on those things, the more they seem to scurry off to some filing cabinet- what’s a filing cabinet?- in your mind, stashing themselves away for later use.

You stand up from the Quest Bed and look out over the Battlefield, or at least what’s left of it. A vast, boiling rift through the middle of the thing marks where your Scratch Implement collided with the surface. Even now, you see the curious aftereffects of that decision, from the Prospitian and Dersite pawns banding together in an attempt to survive to… something. Some echo of something to come that refuses to come. The sensation is like a stuck sneeze, and you instantly hate it.

A hand touches your shoulder, and reflexively you have your trench knives out and- wait. This is someone you know. They’re asking if you’re okay.

"I was okay, yes." They look confused, and you realize you were looking at the timestream the wrong way. That never happened before.

"Sorry, I mean I am okay. Time shit." This was going to be really, really weird. You know that, of course, because you can see it.

Mage of Time


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Mage of Time

  • Mages: The absolute basic definition is one who performs magic. However, this class also means “to create”.
  • Time:  The measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues.
  • Passive/Active: It’s suggested that Mages are a passive class, though it is unknown whether it is or not. Time is an extremely powerful aspect, and is the counterpart of Space. You have to have both aspects in order to complete a session.

A title that creates Time, but is even such a thing possible? Everyone day in and day out experiences Time, as abstract of a definition that time is. A Mage who successfully experiences their aspect must also understand how it works. How essentially the flow of Time can be disrupted or how timelines can change from mistakes.

A Mage of Time would be able to create separate timelines, each having a different outcome depending on the actions of the Mage. In fact, something of that sort could be extremely devastating and could have an impact of the entire game itself.

For example, if a Mage of Time were to create an alternate timeline in the past and the Mage’s friends from their current timeline were transported into the alternate timeline, it could change the future completely depending on how far back the timeline was. This could potentially change any how a certain technology works, any establishments built, or even how someone was born, if they even were.

It’s a problem to realize how dangerous a Mage of Time could be if they do not fully understand how to fully control Time. However, that is most likely not the only power they would have. Have you ever heard of the saying, “So much to do but not enough time to do it”?

A Mage of Time could create more time to finish a particular job such as, if someone had to detonate a bomb in time, giving that person more time could save their life and many others as well. Remember, Time players are also essential to the success of a session! They are easily one of the most powerful aspects!

If there are any questions about this title, feel free to send me an ask!

- Mod EC